Our Three Phase Continuum of Services

Phase 1
Prevention Services (i.e., to prevent the need for residential services and to assist the parents and school in their attempt to serve the child in the home)

• Short-term Intensive Behavioral Intervention Training (S.T.I.B.I.T.)
• In-home Training and Parent Training
• Teacher Training and Classroom Support
• Behavioral Assessment
• Day School Program - BAC is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide educational services in an innovative and individualized manner.
• Non-traditional Family Services

Phase 2
Residentially-Based Intervention Services

• Intensive, Highly Structured, 24-hour Supervision
• Behavior Therapy
• Educational, Vocational, Social, and Recreational Training
• Parent Training - While a child is in placement, BAC will strive to include the child’s family as part of the intervention and treatment process.
• Related Services - Psychiatric and psychological services, Speech Therapy and other related services are available according to the needs of the individual.
• Transition Services - In order to ensure a successful transition from residential placement back to the home and community, Parent and In-home Training, Classroom Support, and Teacher Training may be provided.

Phase 3
Reintegration, Transition, or Discharge Services

Upon discharge from residential treatment, the following services may be provided in an effort to assist parents and school districts in an ongoing manner. This type of follow up can prevent regression and loss of gains made while in residential treatment.

• Counseling
• Continued In-home Support and Parent Training
• Community-based inclusion, Church Groups, Teen Clubs, Volunteers
• Follow-up Teacher Training and Classroom Support
• Vocational Services and Job Coaching
• Non-traditional Family Services