The BAC Difference


Bayes Achievement Center (BAC) is a residential treatment center and day school program serving special needs students with significant behavioral difficulties, ages 6-22. We are licensed by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services (HHSC) and we are approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) as a non-public day school program. BAC is also accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC) as a Behavioral Health Care organization. This accreditation means that BAC meets the nationally and internationally approved standards of best practice.

We serve students with a wide range of exceptionalities including autism, emotional and behavioral disorders, and intellectual disabilities. The one characteristic common to all of our students is that the severity of their behaviors prevents them from being successful in less restrictive environments. These behaviors may include serious aggression toward teachers, peers, parents, and siblings, self-injurious behaviors, property destruction, run-away attempts, extreme oppositional and defiant behaviors, intense temper outbursts at home and school, etc.

For over 27 years, we've helped hundreds of students with these kinds of behaviors become successful academically and socially not just in our program but back home as well. In addition, we've worked closely with countless parents, teachers, and school district personnel to design programs and behavior interventions that enable them and the children they work with to successfully transition back home and thrive.


1. Unconditional Care

Unconditional care guarantees our steadfast commitment to each student who walks through our doors regardless of the severity of his behavior. We believe that children need loving care and treatment regardless of their behavior, and rejecting them from care and treatment for misbehavior worsens their condition and society's ultimate burden. In short, we will not deny your student's placement with us for behavior, no matter how severe. Further, once your child or student is placed with us, we will not expel him from our program for behavioral reasons. We are committed to him until he transitions back home or graduates.

2. Creating Environments for Success

It is our belief that meaningful behavior change and learning are most likely to take place in the context of an engaging school environment, a nurturing home atmosphere, and regular involvement in the community. Our residential homes are designed, decorated, and furnished to be a relaxing and warm atmosphere where our students can feel comfortable, safe, and happy. In our school classrooms, our students have access to the latest educational technology, highly-qualified special education teachers, engaging teaching methods, and positive social interactions. Each week, our students go on educational field trips in the community such as to parks, museums, bowling, sporting events, etc. Every school year, our students participate in a science fair, history fair, international fair, field day, talent show, a Christmas program, and many other school events and activities. Finally, our direct-care staff, who appropriately bear the name "Teaching Parents", are caring, compassionate, and dedicated individuals. They form personal and caring relationships with the students while at the same time firmly holding them to clearly defined behavioral expectations.