Q: Is your program accredited?

A: Bayes Achievement Center is licensed by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services. BAC is also nationally accredited through The Joint Commission.


Q: Are you a locked facility?

A: BAC is not a locked facility. We have a high staff ratio that allows for intensive 24-hour supervision.


Q: Can a child be court ordered to your facility?

A: Yes, however BAC is not a juvenile justice facility, rather it is a treatment center. Admission is based on parental consent.


Q: Are you a psychiatric hospital?

A: BAC is a licensed residential treatment center that serves children with behavior problems. Some children may have psychiatric illnesses, developmental disabilities or other handicapping conditions.


Q: Do you use isolation rooms?

A: BAC does not use isolation or locked seclusion. When it is necessary to separate a person from the group, they are directly supervised by staff.


Q: Does your program accept children in the custody of the state?

A: BAC does not have a service contract with Children's Protective Services to provide residential treatment.


Q: Where do the children go to school?

A: BAC has a school campus in addition to our residential campus. Our school is approved as a non-public school by the Texas Education Agency. Children may transition to their public schools once they have made progress within the BAC treatment program.


Q: How long does a person stay in treatment?

A: The length of stay in BAC can vary greatly depending on the specific needs of the students we serve. We offer short-term intensive treatment that can last a couple months as well as longer-term treatment that can last for a year or two.


Q: Do you accept Medicaid for payment?

A: At this time, BAC can only utilize Medicaid medical insurance to provide for the healthcare needs of the individuals who are placed.


Q: What insurances do you accept?

A: At this time, BAC can only accept payments from insurance companies who are willing to authorize out of network for BAC's specialized services. Most, but not all, insurance companies require that a facility be accredited before they will reimburse for services rendered.


Q: How do I get my child placed at your facility?

A: At the time of referral it will be determined if the individual meets criteria for admission. Once a funding source has been secured, call and speak to the case management department who will submit an Application for Admission to the Treatment Team for approval. The Case Manager will advise if the person has been accepted for admission. If there are no openings, the family may choose to be placed on the waiting list.