The following testimonials are from former students and former students families.  All testimonials were unsolicited.


From a parent of former students:


Dear Mr. Bayes,

I cannot express enough my sincere gratitude for everything you and your staff have done for my children. I wish that I could name each and every person who has influenced, guided, nurtured, calmed, fed, bathed, motivated, taught, coached, encouraged, provided nursing/medical care, trained, coordinated services, applauded their success, given them a love of music, inspired, and especially loved. I could go on and on. I have seen each of them grow and learn and do things that I never thought possible. I can attribute this to the caring people at Bayes Achievement Center and I will be forever grateful.                                                                                                        

Thank you again for allowing them to be part of such a wonderful program.

May our Lord bless you richly,   Lisa M.


Dear BAC,

"Thank you" seems so insignificant for what you have accomplished.  You, as a team, have given us our family back. We thought our "happy" family was coming to an end and somehow you have restored the peace again. These years have passed so quickly and so many changes have occurred in that time.  In our family, we have had weddings, births, the death of a loved one, and location and job changes. Through it all, our Bayes family friends have been steady and true.  Thank you for being the God-send that 

you are.  You are a true blessing to families like ours who need help with a special child. We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you over the past years, and we will never forget the support and care that  we  have received. 

Thank you for helping us with our precious son.  May God bless the lives of each of you and your families always.

Jimmie, Irene, Karlan, and Family





From a former student:

"To everyone at Bayes who loved, respected, and helped me achieve goals for the heart and the mind.  I think Bayes was so kind to offer me a job in the kitchen [after I finished school there].  It felt really great!  Bayes is a great place to help achieve what you put your mind to, and also have a job. . .Everyone there cares not only about themselves, but other people as well!   There is always someone there to help you achieve your goals and keep trying by never giving up. . .I miss everyone who loved me and I still love you all."

Love for the new people and people I knew,

Ryan C.





A recent letter from a BAC parent:

I am writing this letter because I think it is important for you to know just how BAC has changed our lives. Our son Ethan has successfully transitioned out of BAC back home. He attended BAC for 2 and ½ years. Since being at Bayes, Ethan has made a complete turn-around. At home I don’t have to set the alarms on the doors anymore. We can all go to bed and rest easy knowing that Ethan is in his room where he should be. He is learning to accept responsibility for his actions. He doesn’t give excuses anymore like, “I can’t help it.” He can be trusted in the neighborhood. His choices have improved. He has always had good manners. Now he has good behavior to go with his manners.

Thank you, BAC. You were the answer to my son that was lost. God saw the struggle we were going through and He showed me BAC. I don’t know why you all decided to do what you do but it is a God-send and I am forever grateful. The staff at BAC are simply wonderful. I love the way everyone works together and are on the same page. Ethan got to go on outings, field trips, and had more friends than ever. He got the one-on-one that he so needed. He was shown that there are consequences for all choices. He doesn’t have people holding grudges for his wrong choices. He was loved and wanted at BAC and he felt it. At BAC he was not seen as a problem child with behavioral issues. He was a child in need and surrounded by people that cared for him, wanted him, and knew that he could achieve. You have made a difference in my son’s life. I could never repay you for what you have given me. I am so thankful for all of your hard work and for you having this program.

I pray that God gives you the strength and wisdom to continue the good that you do. I pray that He gives you the resources that you need to reach each and every child that attends BAC. I pray that each child will retain the good that BAC teaches them when they have completed the program.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for all that you do,

Kimberly W., proud mother of Ethan


From a recent graduate: “BAC changed my life!”

Bayes Achievement Center is an excellent place to go to school. They have teachers, aides, and special services staff willing to teach students skills for success. I felt safe going to school at Bayes. The staff there really care about their clients.

Before attending Bayes, I lacked the ability to attend school independently. But the Bayes staff, especially Mrs. Kim, helped me learn the basic skills for life such as budgeting, creating a resume, shopping, and cooking. Students at Bayes can receive speech and special counseling services. They use a Token Economy to help teach managing money and provide a reward system. They also focus on coping skills, which helped me learn how to handle my frustrations.

The staff at Bayes helped me get on track in life. Their counseling sessions helped me understand the big picture and what I would have to change to be successful in school. The counselors and therapists were especially helpful for me and my classmates.

Bayes provides many fun social events to promote social skills. They do classroom cooking once a week, and every Friday, they have a special fun activity, such as seeing a movie, playing bingo, or eating out. There is also a Christmas program every winter which all students participate in for the school and parents.

Attending Bayes has enabled me to continue my education. I am now attending classes at Lone Star College and plan to finish a four year degree in the future. Because the staff at Bayes cares about the students they teach, I have the abilities I need to plan for my future.

Thank you,

Daniel R.