"Our daughter has been at Bayes for nine months and the changes in her have been transformational. She is learning how to respond appropriately to demands that are placed on her. She is learning that there are consequences for behaviors. She has lost 50 pounds by managing her food intake and increasing her activity. She is not allowed to sleep in the classroom. And when we visit her in Texas we receive training, so that we are better able to support her behavior modification program. She’s completely reset herself. She’s beautiful, calm and happy. She is healing."

B.D., Current Parent


“Bayes is the best Residential Treatment Center ever! All staff genuinely care about helping adolescents with their negative behaviors, teaching them coping skills, and getting them ahead in school. It is strict and structured, for the success of the clients. I appreciate how staff never let one person’s behaviors effect the other clients who were doing what they were supposed to. The residential homes were very new, nice, clean and always organized. Bayes supervision was always great, they always had their eye on us. I went to three other treatment centers before BAC, and Bayes is by far the best one, HANDS DOWN! I graduated high school ON TIME, despite being SO behind, and got top notch treatment and care. Although challenging at times (being homesick, etc)...I’m so beyond grateful to have been sent to Bayes (I was there two years). I am home now and doing so well. Bayes will not ever give up or kick your child/teen/adult out for anything or behavior. BECAUSE THEY CARE."

M.S., Former Student


“We transitioned our 11-year-old son to Bayes Achievement Center (BAC) on Monday. Our case manager treated us like helping us was the only thing she had going on that day, which I’m sure was not the case. She was outstanding with our eight-year-old, knowledgeable and compassionate with us, and generally made it much easier to leave our child with the BAC team.

The Residential House and Shift supervisors gave us similar confidence. They both were intuitive and interactive with our son right out of the chute. A question came up later in the day and they reached out to our case manager, who emailed us right away, and we got them what they needed. I’m sure that this level of communication provided a more positive environment for our son for the balance of the day.

We’ve been dreading our son’s transition to BAC for months and building up all kinds of nightmare scenarios of how it might go. From our perspective, it went great solely because of the quality of your team and the culture you all have built. As the beneficiaries of that work, we sincerely thank you.”

S.D., Current Parent


“Bayes Achievement Center is just AWESOME!! My son attended this school years ago, he is 30 now and doing great all because of Bayes Achievement Center.”

K.HJ., Former Parent


“My name is Derrick Hooper I lived at Bayes when I was 11-years-old, they did wonderful job on helping me to be the person I am today Bayes is #1 in helping us get to where we is in life. I am 31 now working and holding a job at school and living in a group home so thank y’all so much.”

D.H., Former Student